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Who we are

Tenji is a high-performance data science lab. 

Our data wizards leverage technology to power compound, evidence-based insights to help your organisation run optimally.

What we do

Tenji innovates truly optimal solutions for our partners’ specific data needs. We cut through the data fluff to hone in on the one or two metrics that change everything for your organisation.

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What we believe

Partners over Service Providers

We are not fans of the consulting model that seeks to entrench itself by never really solving the problem. We prefer to create amazing things with our partners while we collaborate, and ensure that we keep learning. When the time comes to part, we want to do so with value intact. 

We pride ourselves on our role in creating an ecosystem where insight and access to knowledge creates a more equal, inclusive, and dynamic society. We also know that data is not the new oil, rather it becomes more useful the more it is used.

Open Data + Decentralised 

We believe that every organisation, whether public or private, commercial or non-profit, has a role to play in society and positive social change, and also in creating ethical and sustainable practise that creates value for everyone involved. 

Social Venture that is Sustainable

We believe in responsible data practice that is cognisant of  the trust placed in an organisation that stores and uses data and information. We want to ensure that people are aware of how their data is being used and actively seek to only work with partners that believe the same.

Responsible Data, Privacy First

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