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Matthew completed his PhD in Computational Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studying on an International Science & Technology Fulbright Award. His research focused on network analysis, multi-objective optimization, and the advanced simulation of highly-dimensional systems; sparking an interest in developing robust, adaptable, and powerfully predictive analytical methods for application in the unique data environment that is modern South Africa.


He oversees the design and implementation of computational infrastructure, web app deployment, data analysis pipeline construction, and the application of machine learning algorithms for insightful processing of information.

When not working, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and their two sons. He is an amateur boxer and has competed in several charity events.




Richard is an entrepreneur dedicated to the advancement of African communities through dynamic solutions and tools. He has a deep interest in openness and transparency in society, with an emphasis on socio-economic development and future cities.


He is primarily focused on product design, ensuring that the analysis pipeline and technical infrastructure design, internal team process and operations, UX design, and organisational strategy are all coordinated into an optimised and high-impact solution that solves user problems.


Richard is also the founder of Open Cities Lab, a civic tech lab with a focus on the development of open data and its application to urban challenges within South Africa. When he finds spare time he grows his beard, brews beer, appreciates good coffee and likes to tell people he listens to vinyl.

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Heiko completed his PhD in Radio Astronomy at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), in Durban, South Africa. As an experimentation specialist, his research was focused on laboratory-based electronics, on-site deployment, testing and maintenance, remote operations, and data analysis. Upon completing his degree, Heiko continued with his research as a Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Postdoctoral Fellow at UKZN, while working for Tenji as a data scientist in a part-time consulting capacity.


Heiko joined Tenji on a full time basis in April 2020. He works on data analysis and machine learning, data pipeline automation, and research to keep abreast of the latest methods in data analysis and machine learning.


Outside of work, Heiko enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, gardening, reading and sport. Heiko is also an amateur boxer, having never competed in a single boxing event.

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Liezl joined the Tenji team as a freelance operations manager in March 2021.


She's a Jill-of-all-trades and master of some. Passionate about keeping life exciting, she has had an interesting and dynamic career path so far which includes project management, academic research, writing, teaching, content management and entrepreneurship. She holds masters degrees in African Studies and History from the University of the Western Cape and Yale University.

When she's not putting in the Tenji hours you'll find her busy with her toddler, learning to code, and getting her dream shop off the ground. 

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