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Create your own data science startup 

How it works

Partner with us to set up a Data Lab inside your organisation. A Data Lab is a co-development approach where we work with your team to develop a tailored data science solution to meet your needs. This approach allows for agile, incremental Deep-Dives into points of interest, supported with continual learning transfer to your team. This process will leave you with a homegrown data science team fully equipped with the skills and understanding of your business to drive you into the future.

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How we can help you

  • we run a data science apprenticeship with your team 

  • we establish core infrastructure and agile internal analytical and team processes

  • we work with you to solve your big informational, decision-making and optimisation problems

  • we leave you with a fully integrated and skilled data science team, created by your own people

Contact us


153a Helen Joseph Road

Bulwer, Durban, 4001

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch shortly.

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